The Arbequina Olive Tree

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HighPoint Technology Group, LLC

With a bachelor’s degree in management information systems and over 20 years of experience in the information technology sector, Stephen (Steve) Guistwite leads as the president and CEO of HighPoint Technology Group, LLC. Outside of the office, Steve Guistwite enjoys stepping into his yard, where he grows olive trees.

There are multiple cultivars, or varieties, of olive trees available domestically, but they all come from the same species of olive tree, the Olea europaea. One of the most popular varieties is the the Arbequina. This variety originated in Arbeca, Spain, and grows well in the United States. This tree produces high-quality olive oil as well as mildly flavored table olives.

The Arbequina is considered a small variety of olive tree, growing up to 15 feet. The gray-green foliage provides a lush backdrop for the white and yellow flowers that typically fruit in November. Arbequina olive trees begin fruiting after four years, and olives ripen in intervals. The Arbequina olive fruit is small in size as is its pit, yielding ample flesh. This variety is quite adaptable, as it is tolerant to cold temperatures and drought and is pest-resistant.